New Computer? 5 Tips to Reduce the Hassle

It is exciting to get a shiny new computer – whether it is a laptop for business, a desktop for the office, or a gaming PC for fun.  Once you purchase the system, there are some important tips to make sure your experience is hassle-free:

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1. All the patches - virtually every computer requires a software update as soon as it is powered on.  Do not ignore the updates – there are often very important patches to fix bugs and help to secure the device.

2. Copy old filesmake sure your old computer is backed up and then begin the process to copy the files and folders that you want to the new device. This process could take a long time but there are some automated ways to do this as well.  Then set up backup software to make sure your data is kept safe.


3. Replace anti-virus software – typically the anti-virus software that comes with a new computer is not reliable. There is a reason this software is so inexpensive – it is because it is not very effective at preventing malware, ransomware, or viruses.  The software only provides base-level protection and often slows your new computer down.  Install Webroot or another highly effective product.  While only a few dollars more, Webroot provides some of the most comprehensive protection available.

4. Browsers – your computer will come with a default internet browser such as Edge or Opera.  You should download at least one other browser to use just in case there are issues.  Some popular browsers include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, or Vivaldi.


5. Peripherals – printers, speakers, monitors, and other devices will need to be connected to your new computer.  This often involves downloading or updating drivers and then doing tests.  In some cases, the device might be too old to integrate with the new computer.  In those cases, you may need to consider replacing the peripheral.

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