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Al was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and innovative in his approach to teaching us

Al was a great host. I took away a lot of new marketing skills that I didn’t have before. Al was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and innovative in his approach to teaching us. I plan on implementing these new marketing tools to help my company drum up some new clients and candidates through advertising, linking strategies, and utilizing our referral bonus program more effectively. Thanks for empowering us by sharing your expertise!

Kevin Drye

Very helpful

Al Harlow was very good at listening to what I was looking for and helping me get started with a WordPress webpage. He had a lot of good hints and tricks to use that really helped me jump way ahead for setting up my webpage.

He also helped me understand how to get my domain hosted and associate it with a WordPress webpage. He covered the “backstage” of the webpage which will help me manage and update my webpage whenever necessary.

Very worthwhile.

Now I have to start writing a lot of content material…

Debi Piccus