Be Cyber-Safe!

Fact:  A cyber attack happens every 39 seconds, according to the University of Maryland.  The vast majority of these attacks happen to small businesses and individuals.

Fact:  If you use the internet with your phone, laptop, or any other device, you are at risk!

Fact:  Most cyber-attacks happen EVEN THOUGH anti-virus software is installed!

Cyber attacks come in many different variations:

  • Social media account hacks or blocking attempts
  • Computer viruses
  • Computer ransomware
  • Phishing – you receive an email or a message to “click here”
  • Social media account hacks or blocking attempts
  • Vishing – you receive a voice mail or call asking for personal information or telling you to visit a website
  • Denial of service attacks on websites or networks
  • Identity theft
  • And more…

So, what can you do to protect yourself from cyber threats?  While no one is completely safe, there are some preventative measures that reduce your risk substantially.  Here are some quick tips to use:

  1. Change your passwords regularly! Come up with your own unique password formula and frequency.  Use it regularly – at the very least once a year but the more frequent, the better.
  2. Watch for Phishing and Vishing – cyber criminals are getting even more clever in their approaches and can “mimic” actual people you know. So ALWAYS check the link carefully before you click the link.
  3. Use RELIABLE anti-virus software - The most common products that come with most systems today do a very poor job at blocking cyber-attacks – that’s why the software is so cheap. Instead, look for MANAGED anti-virus & security solutions, like what Click IT offers!
  4. Keep a good backup – just putting files on your computer or cell phone are not good enough. OneDrive or Google Drive are not safe and are easily hacked.  Use a reliable managed backup solution, like what Click IT offers!


Cyber Safe Pared - 2022

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